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 Gboard is made by Google and it's the most popular keyboard that has made for Android phones, it also releases with the main version of your phone's system and it would help you to do many things by using your fingers, voice and even touching. Download the latest version of Gboard so you can try a good application for typing and sending a lot of paragraphs, you can also use it while you're chatting with someone and it would help you to type faster. The keyboard is made by top developers here in Google company and we can't say no to any product that has been made by Google itself and you can trust it with closed eyes. By downloading and installing this keyboard application on your device it will replace the normal one and you can find a lot of settings that are included in it by tapping in the settings panel to show how to control the app. It helps you to correct words while you're typing and this is also recommended by everyone and this would also give you the fastest way you can see by typing. This would help you to do a lot more by giving breath to your phone and chat app, and also your social media so this would help to reduce the reputation and do a lot more. You can also find a lot of themes to change the style of it and this will be amazing with shape changes every day and this would become a great thing for your phone and you won't feel boring of it. Also, you can type any word to search in Google very fast and you will find everything you need faster.


Features of Gboard

  1. This application is available on Android smartphones only and also you can do whatever you like to do while using it and you must be learning how to type fast by using the board.
  2. It sends many notifications about updates every week so these guys who made it works very hard to provide you the best item for using what you will definitely love.
  3. Gboard could help you browse millions of GIFs and send them into a message in any conversation so this would be the right thing to do.
  4. You can avoid clearing and typing again because it helps you to correct on the line while your sending.
  5. It helps you to correct the rules of any language so you can send formal messages that respect the other one.
  6. You can find the latest trending words that people use in the real-life and you can find a lot more by doing this and the board will recommend many things for you.
  7. Send whatever stickers you want and you will find it really easy by expressing what do you feel about this sticker.
  8. There are many Emojis and Bitmojis you can find inside it and will turn any conversation into a funny one.
  9. It won't harm your device and also won't spy on what you are talking to so this also has a task to do which is helping you to write some messages to people.

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