Watch it is an application to make you able to watch the latest movies and series from all different cultures around the world so you can watch movies from turkey, Germany and there are also Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies that have been made in the United States and India. There is also a big library of Tv Series which you can browse and choose what you want to watch for the day of foe the weekend. Watch it was made in Egypt and it's one of the greatest apps in the world and it provides you with Arabic content that you will have to pay for it to watch. Download the version of the Watch app so you can be notified of the latest shows and theaters in the world. It helps you to make your weekend easy and funny and very interesting, it always has the best movie-watching experience so you can find and watch them for free. It has some free content so you will be able to choose between a big library from every Topic you want. there are a lot of different topics that will lead you to an interesting mod so that you will have to get into it for free.


Features of WATCH iT

  1. It's a completely free application so you can get the latest version and updates in one easy way from the app market.
  2. It's available and runs on different systems like iOS which works on iPhone and iPad, and also an android system that works on Samsung, oppo, and Xiaomi phones.
  3. You can save your work and check and add items to your playlist for scheduling of watching and start watching on your TV, or Mobile anywhere at any time.
  4. There is a lot of security so you can be satisfied with the way that the app controls and manages the system and also it's a new thing to put in mind.
  5. There are a lot of different languages so you can browse the app in Arabic, English, and German, or French, and many other different languages.
  6. It shows you a snippet about what the movie or the show is talking about and gives you a number that shows how was the rating and what did people say about it before watching so you can save time.
  7. It has high-quality pricing plans that will give you a lot at low prices so you can find what you want for free.
  8. It is a very easy and fast application so you can browse faster and manipulate things while it is working on your phone.

Negatives of WATCH iT

The app is available for people who are ready to pay to watch movies and series TV, also you can find this is very interesting to pay but I don't recommend this or paying for items that have been made to add movies and videos on the web. Also, it's a monthly subscription so it can be lost at any time and prevent you from watching.

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جمال صباغ

هل يمكن تحميل التطبيق ومشاهدته علي اكثر من جهاز اسوه بتطبيقات شاهد والنيتفلكس مثلا

hatem rushdy

سعيد بهذا التطبيق

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