My WE app is the Egyptian app that provides controlling Sim card from the same company, and it's a very special app introduced by WE Company for clients to manage their phone. In this article, we will talk about some of the features that have been added to it recently like it's a very speed application and make it easy for users to do their jobs and handle problems with their phone number and home internet. Download my We application free that will help you to do a lot of stuff from your house and no need to go outside to purchase something so you can do the shopping and purchase items like phones and technology pieces. With this app, it will be easy for you to reduce your visits to any telecom centers to fix something where you can fix it through this app. You can also get balance and recharge for your date internet easily with just one click, and you manipulate Sim Card usage each time you want to do something. The App is flexible so that you can download and install it on any device with low or high-quality specifications. You can also use it in more than 7 languages so it works with the default language of the phone.

Features of my WE

  1. It's fast and free to use on all different operating systems manages your SIM Card from the same company.
  2. You can make live chat with customer service clients to ask for help without calling a specific phone number and wait forever.
  3. Offers you a lot of promotions about the latest pricing plans and also a promotion on products to buy like on smart devices, phones for example.
  4. Can help you to locate each branch of the company if you wanted to ask for help or discuss with managers about anything.
  5. You can use it to manage more than one phone number, for example, a number for a brother or a sister.
  6. Shows you the remaining balance and all How many mega bites left and also the date of expiration on just one page.
  7. Organizes your usage by telling you what is the best plan to save data and MBs to use 'em at any time.
  8. It's available on iPhone and iPad for Apple smartphones and also for androids like Samsung phones and Oppo phones for example.
  9. You can search for the nearest place where you can find the WE Center to search for something or ask for a promotion that's not obvious to you.
  10. The 1st Company in Egypt to provide that system and number one also to offer the best product for their clients.
WE were TE Data at past and they changed it to be we to refer to unity where we all on the same ship. The company provides the best experience for its users and asking them for any problems they can work on it and update for you to love. And at the end you can download the latest version of WE App.

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