DRAGON BALL LEGENDS‏ is a game of the only and the lonely dragon ball the most used application in the world and you can find all those things to become using it the way you like. The game is one of the greatest things in the world and you can play it as much as you can so you will help yourself to go through things and also make that is useful for you and in this game you will be acting as a character of the Animation cartoon world and you, of course, like all of them so you will get the full chance to play with your favorite character and on your mobile and to play with it you will get to hold on those things and you will prepare for what is better. Download the latest version of the most interesting game and the most unique one for free to play with and this will become very easy for you to play with and then you can get the best as you can and you will help to protect yourself and win the game. You can download whatever you want from updates and then you will personally choose to do all things you like to do so you will be gaming on your mobile for free and then you will share the moment with all people you love from family and friends and also people on the web so you can get the full access of everything you need and then you will be playing the game for free and this game is available on many different operating systems that you will find all of them are running all phones in the world and because of this game respects all their players so you will get the best shoot as you can and you will generate the best great moments of all time by playing DRAGON BALL LEGENDS‏ for free. 



  1. The best Animation world acting game so there are a lot of persons inside the game and millions of players and all stuff you see in all the movies you will be able to do it in the game you download on your mobile version.
  2. The original RPG game story and you can get that from anyplace you want as you can also download this game from the Google play store and all you can do is to make everything happen in all freeways.
  3. Join the best direct battels against the PVP and all that you need is almost the best way you will like and you can do that in a good way so you will also become a good one.
  4. Design your character for free and share all your lovely moments with everyone.
  5. You can download this game for free as an APK file and this file will only be available to download on the Android platform and you can absolutely do that the way you prefer and then play as much as you can and have fun.

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