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GB WhatsApp is a new version of WhatsApp that somebody has coded to make it easy for people to use the app the right way. WhatsApp is a free tex messages application that offers its users to send and receive messages for free from any place in the world, they can also share files like document files and also video records. You can do a lot with this app and with the new extension of GB WhatsApp, it will be easy for you to manipulate it in a professional way. There is no difference between this app and the other apps that developers made for whats apps like Blue WhatsApp and the Red WhatsApp so all provide the same service to make the original version more secure and more protected by you. Also, WhatsApp can show you a new way each time they make an update and they do it fast and respond to users' feedbacks. You can download the App from Google Play and get the latest updates every time they produce one. For you knowledge that it's made by Facebook and the manage it for a long time and it's the best free calling application ever used to give its users the great way of calling for free.

Features of WhatsApp GB

  1. It's a cracked application to add some feature to the version made by real developers and they wanted to protect user's privacy from WhatsApp to share your info with people.
  2. You can download the latest version of the GB App From our website for free and start using it like any other one.
  3. It saves your account from banning by Facebook and also you can chat and make conversations with people who blocked you and reported you.
  4. You can add a new font to type in many different ways and make your message area look great and beautiful and also manipulating colors to appropriate your themes.
  5. It contains the best tool to sort chats by oldest and newest and also sort by name and type.
  6. You can download this app for your smartphone for free and use it like you use Whatsapp.
  7. You can also send messages to more than 300 persons at the same time and this has been prevented by WhatsApp the original one.
  8. Also, you can hide your status and control managing your accounts and also manage your disappearing status.
  9. You can also hide your status while recording audio or a video so maybe you wanted to delete it someway.

Negatives of WhatsApp GB

It's not available on Google play and it may be caused to block your account by the application and you will not be able to sign into Whatsapp with this number again. Everybody can send you a message even if you blocked him and there is no place for privacy. And the app is only available on android and it's not available on iPhone or Windows and it's one of the worst things ever on GB WhatsApp Messenger App.

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