Tamam Arabic Keyboard APK

 If you really want a keyboard that meets all requirements and improves your typing skills so you will have to download Tamam Keyboard and this is the most professional Arabic keyboard and also supports different languages and by getting on on your phone, it will be the most exciting thing happened because you will use it to write everywhere like WhatsApp messages and maybe sharing a post on Instagram or Facebook. You can download the latest version of the app so it will be easy to match the new things made in different locations like sharing and typing really quickly. It also helps you to type very fast so you will follow some tutorials that have been provided by the app developer and they will help you to go on typing fast. The application of the Keyboard Tamam is made in an Arabic style so it would save your time typing and will help you to reach meanings really fast and do what you want it to do. You'll be modified as you like to use it and it has a bunch of settings so you will manage it the way you like and feel comfortable.


Features of Tamam Arabic Keyboard

  1. It's a free application made for everyone who holds a smartphone and wants to type really fast and use a unique keyboard instead of the normal one made by the system.
  2. It's also available on the app store to download for iPhone devices and also you can get it from the google play store to install and run it on android phones.
  3. It could help you translate to any language you want in a second so this makes it easy for everyone to type any language instead of translating and heading to a translator online.
  4. You can also use the voice typing feature so which will make it a good way to speak instead of typing and it will load fast.
  5. Tamam provides a new way of typing Franco which is a mix between English words and Arabic meanings and it also turns franco to Arabic in an easy way.
  6. There are a lot of Emojis and stickers to use in the app and that will turn the chat area into a new space of fun and entertainment.
  7. It provides you a new and simple design which makes it brilliant to use and manipulate things and also a professional interface to use.
  8. It's a 20 MB size and it's a very fast application so all you have to do is to head over those markets and start downloading and installing or you can download it from the direct link we provide for free below the article.
  9. It's a very popular application and used by millions so they update their shape and functionality continuously.
  10. There are no ads included in the application and no way to pay anything for admins, even it saves your keywords and shares some new famous words with you so that will be great to teach new words.

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