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 My Etisalat is that app made by Egypt's first telecom company that provides SIM CARD for its users and they produced an app to control this sim card and all transitions of money or balance. You can download the app with a direct link on my website and get the latest updates, you can also start transferring money by using it for free. My Etisalat App is the most used app in Egypt and many countries so you will have to download it to manage your Etisalat service for free. The app is well known for its ability to work very well and it's easy to do whatever you want at any time, its also the best thing about getting the best offer by it. Download Etisalat from Google plays to get the latest version of the app and begin your absolute journey to feel that you are free. It's Made by its mother company to get things done for you very quickly and also to save your time and managing your day. Instead of going to the center to do something you easily do it through a visa card by your profile on your My Etisalat Account. This app works for users who hold Etisalat SIM CARD and by this, you will be notified of the latest offers and promotions.


Features of My Etisalat

  1. Download it and use it forever for free without losing money or balance, and you can also log into the app without the internet just to finish your work and transitions and also your actions inside the application and related your phone number.
  2. You can show days the been remaining of your renewable date and start tracking that day to pay for your deals very quickly.
  3. You can check your next bills and fees and also you can browse your history of old bills to manage and control your payments.
  4. You can locate your phone once you lost it somewhere and that's by your Sim Card that included in your smartphone.
  5. Get the latest updates from the app producer and try to make it has a better experience for you.
  6. You can transfer money to another one who holds the same SIM CARD so you can exchange money and transfer balance also you can chat through the app.
  7. The Application is available on Google Play to be ready for download to Android Users and also available on the App store to be downloadable on the iPhone and ipad.
  8. It is not heavy on the ram system so you can download and use it and check for its speed and it works on different quality devices.
  9. You can Give feedback to the app developers so they can reply to you by adding some features you wanted to help you in the app.

Negatives of My Etisalat

the App has no negatives so it is usable and its job is to control your sim card made by Etisalat company and if you want some straight so this app works for 011 phone number.

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